Chastity Maid
Sissy Sex

After a long shower, some dinner and a chance to catch up on her mail she returned to the bedroom with some magazines and found her slave just where she had left him; strictly bound, in an arm binder, kneeling with a spreader bar attached at one end to his collar and at the other his ankles. He was blind folded. She giggled when she saw the long sinuous web of precum dripping from above the hem of his baby doll to a small pool of it below. The things he’ll do for me she marveled as she got into bed. She loved looking at him like this so much she decided not to let him go just yet as she perused her fashion magazines. He was a human sculpture, a tableau of submission for her to enjoy.

    As she was flipping through the magazines her mood changed. Coming to bed she thought the evening’s earlier delights had tired her out, but she felt another wave of yearning a warmth growing from her sex. Her mind began to weave a desire. And she knew, she trusted that he would fulfill it, no matter how outrageous. She released him from his pole bondage and she could see he was relieved weary from it’s and her strictness. She had him lie down on the bed as she connected his hands above and his feet below and got into bed with him. She felt such as sense of joy and freedom begin with him and she kissed him lovingly and teased his caged cock relentlessly. She loved feeling the sheer nylons and lacy panties around his imprisoned cock. She put him into complete dizzying frustration before succumbing to the urge to mount his face. 

    “Eat me again!” she commanded and he eagerly complied. She delighted in pulling up his baby doll and toying with the pulsing trapped sex only she could release. She couldn’t remember being like this before she found him. Sex had never been so satisfying or as frequent. She basked in his oral attentions. He reached his tongue high inside her, nibbled gently on her lips and sucked her clit so lovingly she was soon on the edge of more ecstasy. He gratefully and lovingly licked and sucked her sex and she was in a fever again, kneeling up and letting her slave facefuck her like she taught him. Soon she was reeling from a wave of climaxes.

    She whispered, “I know you wanna have sex.”

   “OH GOD yes Mistress” he sighed.

    She smiled with the plan she had. Leaving his bound body, she got up from the bed and left him bound in suspense. A few minutes later she returned with her strap-on mounted and watched her slave look at it wide eyed.

    “Turn over onto your side” she ordered and she gleefully watched as her baby-doll clad slave struggled to get into position. He was so obedient… and nervous.

    “Mistress I thought…” She interrupted him with a laugh. 

    “I guess you are still not used to how things have changed for you, are you?” 

    “Mistress?” She lay down next to him and began to gently caress his body.

    “Well you’ve still got it in your mind that you are the man that does the fucking don’t you?… but things have changed for you now”

    “Oh please Mistress” he whimpered.

    “But now you’re my ‘girl’ aren’t you?”

    “Yes Mistress” he confessed. She stroked his belly and began to play with his cage again.

    “And you’re the one that cleans house, and dresses up pretty for me… and gets fucked now” She lubed her fingers and began to play with his rose bud from behind. She giggled again, “Don’t worry honey I’ll give you lots of foreplay. Just relax”

    He sighed deeply and whispered “yes Mistress”. After a few minutes he began to loosen up and she positioned the tip of her phallus at his entrance and true to her word slowly began to insert it into him. He took each gentle thrust with a satisfying groan. Slowly he took all of her strap-on inside him. She played with his balls as she fucked him and noted that each thrust seemed to transform him. The sighs turned to groans of lust —-deep guttural animal sounds that aroused her again. She was in bliss riding him like this spoon style, feeling the smoothness of his nylons against the fronts of her thighs kissing the nape of his neck, listening to the gentle tinkle of the chain holding him helplessly to the frame of the bed. 

    After twenty minutes of lovemaking she reached down to turn on the vibrator inside her strap on. She could feel him buck in pleasure almost immediately and of course it soon stimulated her sex as well and she fucked him furiously on the onset of yet another huge climax which seemed to last longer than the others. The pleasure tore through her from her pussy to her toes up to the crown of her head accompanied by the groaning of her slave’s pleasures. She shuddered in complete pleasure and then spent and exhausted slowly exited her slave and rolled on her back. Life was good.

    After a number of minutes she unlocked her slave and ordered him to clean up a bit and come to bed. 

    “Yes Mistress” he said. He took her strap on to the bath room to clean it and removing his makeup returned in only his baby doll and of course .. his cage.

    He crawled up next her and she put her arm around him. Life was too good to be true. She smiled at him and whispered in the night, “You are so much fun. You are becoming indefensible.” As she drifted off to sleep she rejoiced in having this man to serve her. He felt his cage. He was so hard and he let out a quick breathe. She smiled. It was good to have a man who was always ready to serve and she gently fondled his balls before drifting off to sleep.

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